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Availability & Price

Total Price:353.00 €
Last minute price!!!
Apartment available for booking!
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Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions. These are valid for any accommodation arrangement between Alex Gay Cabrera (the owner) and you (the guest) for the purposes of short-term stays.

1. General Conditions

We rent our apartments on a short-term basis and all prices shown are in Euros (€).

Each quotation includes electricity, water, heating, and the assistance of our staff during your check-in and your stay. Linen (sheets and towels) are provided and included in the final price.

2. Payment and booking conditions

To make a booking you must be 18 years of age or older.

Our website will accept a reservation on the basis of the availability of the apartments. The reservation will be confirmed per email after the payment of 20% of the total charge within the next five days after booking in case the guest selects a bank transfer as payment method, or at real time (booking time) in case the guest selects PayPal (online payment) as payment method. In case you select a bank transfer as payment method a full payment is also accepted. We do not accept full payment through PayPal. For the deposit payment we recommend PayPal as payment method.

In case the guest selects a bank transfer as payment method, a failure to make the bank transfer within the next five days after booking results automatically in cancellation of your booking. Please note that the guest will bear out all charges for the bank transfer and/or PayPal payments.

Please note that the reservation is not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation from us.

3. Rules for clients

Important: In the event that you do not follow our rules and regulations, we reserve the right to vacate you immediately from the apartment without having to refund you.

The apartments can only be used for temporary and tourist household needs. You cannot make the apartment your new place of residence or choose it as your permanent residence. It is furthermore not allowed to sublet the apartment, or parts of it, to third parties.

The said premises or any part thereof shall not be used for any purposes other than as residential accommodation. Immoral or commercial activity is strictly forbidden.

All our apartments are non smoking areas. It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the apartments, even with open windows.

All building rules and regulations must be observed. Between 10 p.m. and 9 a.m. apartment occupiers shall not make any loud noises. Animals are not admitted in the lodgings unless other agreements have been taken.

Lost keys 60,00 € + cost of replacement Our staff' required presence and safety Lock's change
Unjustified emergency
calls for assistance
in the property
40,00 € + involved costs if applicable Our staff' required presence

Guests are not permitted to interfere, cause or permit interference with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of neighbours.

The client must not mark, paint, drive nails, screws or the like into, or otherwise damage or deface, any structure that forms part of the common property without the approval in writing of the owners. In the case of default, the owner may arrange repairs and a fee may be charged.

The owner will have to be notified as soon as practically possible of any damage to the premises. This will facilitate the replacement of articles, furniture, effects or fittings that may be damaged or lost during the period of tenancy, or the payment to the owner the cost of repair or replacement.

No animals or birds can be kept on the premises without the previous authorization of the owner.

Use or storage of inflammable, explosive, corrosive or radioactive materials is strictly forbidden.

It is forbidden to use any appliance, which may increase the consumption of electricity, water or gas, without the previous authorization of the owner.

No furniture or effects can be removed from the premises and proper care has to be taken of all items included in the letting.

The guest agrees to return all keys and operating devices when the agreement terminates and give vacant possession of the premises.

The owner is allowed to enter, view the state of repair and carry out repairs even in the absence of the tenant.

The owner is authorized to show the premises to prospective buyers, mortgagers or prospective tenants on a reasonable number of occasions, provided the tenant gets reasonable notice on each occasion.
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